Write a letter to your congressman lesson plan

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Writing a compare and contrast essay lesson plan

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Pre Kindergarten Lesson Plan Template

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All are designed to tie to state and national standards for civics, history, math, and language arts. The Letters to the Editor (LTE) section is the most widely read section of the newspaper after the front page.

The high readership offers you and your organization a cost-effective solution to spread your message and to reach your target audiences. Review the lesson plan and familiarize yourself with the types of letters discussed. Look for opportunities for your students to write letters. When you are going to use a particular lesson, bookmark or download any materials you need to use with your class.

Duplicate them as necessary. In this lesson, students will learn more about the unaccompanied children at our border, read and reflect on two stories of children who recently came to the U.S. on their own and will consider their opinion about the situation and what to do about it by writing a persuasive letter.

The Letters About Literature competition, a reading promotion program of the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress is supported locally by the West Virginia Center for the Book. To enter, young readers write a personal letter to an author explaining how his or her work changed their view of the world or themselves.

Review the lesson plan and familiarize yourself with the types of letters discussed. Look for opportunities for your students to write letters. When you are going to use a particular lesson, bookmark or download any materials you need to use with your class.

Write a letter to your congressman lesson plan
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After Your Teaching Job Interview Send a Thank You Letter