Travis jeppesen object oriented writing a letter

Photo reportage from Travis Jeppesen’s exhibition ‘Word’ at Rupert

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Wiki writing: collaborative learning in the college classroom / edited by Rober o Wright, Will. Wild knowledge: science, language, and social life in a fragile environment / W o Andronik, Catherine M. Object-oriented writing could be thought of as a parallel creative practice to object-oriented ontology.

As ofDisorientations also includes links to Jeppesen's published art reviews and essays online, as well as miscellaneous poetry, fiction, and essays he has written, much of it. He is known as the creator of object-oriented writing, a metaphysical form of art writing that attempts to channel the inner lives of objects.

His first major object-oriented writing project, 16 Sculptures, was published in book format by Publication Studio, featured in the Whitney Biennial as an audio installation, and was the subject of a solo exhibition at Wilkinson Gallery, London, in He is a PhD candidate.

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Travis jeppesen object oriented writing a letter
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