Odoo many2many write a letter

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Javascript Reference

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If you want to create a report on a certain model, you will need to define this Report and the Report template it will use.

QWeb Reports

If you wish, you can also specify a specific Paper Format for this report. Odoo Accounting is using the accrual accounting method but in some countries (e. This opens an editable list view of all accounts with debit and credit being read/write If you write in debit/credit.

We use the services of Docsaway and have an agreement with them to put the Odoo logo on the front letter 5/5(1). Jun 11,  · Odoo 11 tutorial Many2many Fields Example En Español En este video aprenderas como utilizar los campos relacionados many2many para poder hacer relaciones muchos a muchos.

I am trying to update an existing cerrajeriahnosestrada.com by linking an existing invoice to it. I have tried several things to add the invoice id to the invoice_ids array of the sales order, but nothing is work. When the Odoo server is started, it checks the timestamp of each file in a bundle, and if necessary, will create/recreate the corresponding bundles.

can_write: allow the edition of related records (default: true) many2many (FieldMany2Many) Defaut widget for many2many fields. Supported field types: many2many; Attributes. When I select values from cerrajeriahnosestrada.comt form view and click on Save button I call write() method and at that time insert m2m values (if there is selected values) into relational table (purchase_supply_rel).

Odoo many2many write a letter
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