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Cover letters for OCI

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Cover Letters and Employer Correspondence

The pausing list of employers contains only those that have frustrated your class year. Hey guys, I'm starting to prepare for OCI bidding in a month or so and I've been struggling with what to put in my cover letter.

My first semester in law school was an epic disaster (~ GPA). On-Campus Interviews (OCI) Orientation. The College of Law. Placement Office. FLORIDA STATE. UNIVERSITY. cover letters, and other documents requested by employers. 3. OCI: the interview date on which the employer will be on campus.

Interview Date: Date on which employer will be conducting interviews on campus. 4. Apply. Go to all the IPA High Tech Tuesday events, and Career Services Events, Career Services IP job fair, pre OCI job fair etc and get people’s business cards or just write down their names.

This is so that when you write your cover letters you can say that you saw Mr./Ms. So-And-So at an event at Santa Clara. The Career Center offers a series of interactive workshops for students throughout the year. The workshops are designed to show students resources and provide time for students to develop individualized documents and job search plans.

Our Spring OCI requires that we turn in a cover letter. I am having trouble finding a good example of a cover letter for a first semester 1L student. All of the examples I have found are for 2L or 3L who can discuss what they did over their 1L summer.

A cover letter has two main objectives: 1) it is a marketing tool, which allows you to highlight your skills to the potential employer; and 2) it is a writing sample of .

Oci cover letter
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