A letter to hamlet

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Act I - Scene II

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Hamlet Review Guide Essay Sample

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Claudius demands that Hamlet, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern head for England.

Hamlet Characters and Analysis

Claudius has sent a letter with them ordering Hamlet’s execution during the trip. While at sea, however, Hamlet discovers his planned murder and switches the orders, causing Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to be executed.

Hamlet returns to Denmark. Hamlet rewrote the letter so that the bearers of the letter would be the ones who get executed (Rosencrantz and Guildenstern).

The final scene is the duel between Laertes and Hamlet. Hamlet apologizes to Laertes for killing his dad but they still fight for "honor" (really because Laertes wants Hamlet dead as does the King).

55 | Page 7. _____ What reason does Polonius offer for Hamlet’s madness? a. He is upset about the marriage of Claudius and Gertrude b.

He loves Ophelia. Jul 20,  · Some really good points in there. You got me wondering if Shakespeare had some kind of trauma at a young age to lead to him always having the hero of his plays dying. The Tragical History Of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, or, as it's more simply known, Hamlet, is a play that holds immense importance in English literature.

This drama was written by William Shakespeare between and The plot is set in the country of Denmark, and the main protagonist is Prince Hamlet.

Why did Hamlet write a letter to Ophelia?

A messenger enters with Hamlet's letter and Claudius is amazed to find that Hamlet is still alive. Claudius reads the letter to Laertes.

Hamlet is writing to inform the King that he has returned to Denmark and that he wishes to meet with Claudius tomorrow.

A letter to hamlet
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